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This is the first in a series about the three team members of The Reef Team. This piece focuses on Chris Weathers.

In 2011 when Joe asked me to consider joining as a Realtor on The Reef Team, I held a great job at a wonderful and meaningful place in downtown DC. As the first Director of Operations at Mount Vernon Place UMC, I had an opportunity to work in a variety of areas: facility management, construction, event management, HR, accounting, budget creation/management, database creation/management, troubleshooting the daily effects of homelessness at our location, and even handling a mop or cleaning a toilet in a pinch. With such a diversity of tasks, a dull day was rare. With the guidance of the Pastor and church leadership, I was able to dig deep

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My real estate team just conducted a food drive last week where we pick up donations from our clients and those who refer us to clients directly from their home. It was a fantastic way to do something good for our DC metro area community and directly for Food for Others, a local non-profit. It was also a great chance for us to see all of those who we truly appreciate. I spent a few minutes in a client's driveway chatting about his career aspirations, 20 minutes at a client's dining table talking about the ups and downs of an investment property, and another 20 minutes in the almost completed baby room talking with a client about the home stretch of pregnancy (she's just 6 weeks away from the due date!). 

This is the greatest reward in our role as

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As the intense sugar buzz of Halloween starts to wane and the leaves begin to tumble to the ground, the holidays begin to loom on the calendar. It’s November already!? The thought of Thanksgiving always brings up a major dilemma for my family of 5: Travel 900 miles to see family or stay put? The pull of tradition at 'home' tugs at us, but rarely with enough force to get us all into a car to squeeze in two days of family time amidst 4 days of travel! New traditions must be forged. 

With Thanksgiving centering on an intimidating amount of food preparation, we have always joined forces with other families in the area. Recently, we have joined up with a family which has maintained that they will always host Thanksgiving in their home. They planted a flag

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Raise your hand if you live in the DC metro area, but are not from the DC metro area. In my 16 years of living in this area, it has been much more common to meet new people who share this trait, than the true natives of the area. When my wife and I moved up here in 2000, we were young, recent college graduates looking for something new and something different than our southern roots. We both traveled through DC for spring break a year prior and really liked the vibe. I don’t think either one of us expected to be here beyond our young adult years, but we really grew to love the opportunities available, the seasons, and how many people we met that came from somewhere else. We decided to stay.

When Sheri and I decided to start a family, we knew the

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