Finding YOUR Traditions on Thanksgiving

Posted by Chris Weathers on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 12:28pm

As the intense sugar buzz of Halloween starts to wane and the leaves begin to tumble to the ground, the holidays begin to loom on the calendar. It’s November already!? The thought of Thanksgiving always brings up a major dilemma for my family of 5: Travel 900 miles to see family or stay put? The pull of tradition at 'home' tugs at us, but rarely with enough force to get us all into a car to squeeze in two days of family time amidst 4 days of travel! New traditions must be forged. 

With Thanksgiving centering on an intimidating amount of food preparation, we have always joined forces with other families in the area. Recently, we have joined up with a family which has maintained that they will always host Thanksgiving in their home. They planted a flag in the ground... A Tradition Declared! And thankfully, we are on the short list.

Of course, Thanksgiving is more than just the tradition of turkey, cranberry sauce, sausage balls, and pumpkin pie. Football on television, activities for the kids, and finding some time to just sit back and have good conversations are paramount. In several parts of our area, you can also find a 'turkey trot' or 5K for anyone to participate. 

A tradition my family has started for the morning of Thanksgiving is touring the National Museum of the American Indian. It just feels right for the holiday and there are several things to explore. Yes, our wonderful Smithsonian museums are open on Thanksgiving! Also, we find the museum to be relatively uncrowded, which provides a lot of freedom to choose exhibits and activities within. 

This year, we've been challenged to find a new tradition for the late morning/early afternoon by our hosts. We are currently sifting through some sports or other games that all of our kids can participate in now and will hopefully look forward to each year. I know some families put together a two hand touch football game, a game of HORSE on the basketball court or friendly round of croquet. Feel free to let me know if you have a great tradition in your current or previous experience.

Something I failed to mention last week... your comments and suggestions are always welcome. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I like writing it! I also hope you take a moment to check out our website, since you're already here! Great info about the real estate market and our team is always available.

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Jihoon wrote:

Oh, Croquet. I like that idea!

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 2:12pm

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